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Cupping and Taping

Cupping and taping are additional services provided. Cupping is free with any massage. Kinesiology Taping is provided at an extra cost. But how do you know if you want them? Below you will find information on what cupping is, what taping is, and how it can be beneficial. 


Cupping is done with silicone or magnetic cups. Cupping does not have to be stationary. Cupping can help with muscle restoration and healing, the release scar tissue and fascial adhesions, reducing painful trigger points, improving circulation (blood and lymph circulation), relieve of pain, promotion of mobility and range of motion, and the decrease of toxins. This is provided as a free service during any scheduled massage. Simply tell me you would like to try cupping!


Kinesiology taping can have tons of benefits. I use Rock Tape for my taping. It does not have latex, and can be worn in the shower and during a work-out. The tape usually lasts 3 to 5 days. Taping is for everyone, and can be used as a preventative, not just to assist with an injury. Taping can help reduce swelling and inflammation, improve blood and fluid circulation, stimulate bruise and contusion recovery, prevent and relieve muscle spasms and cramping, accelerate muscle recovery, support injured muscles, reduce risk of injury, move freely, improve muscle tone, strength, and posture. Whether you are engaging in day to day activity, or more intense physical activity, taping can help you!

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